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Empowering project developers to easily connect to the grid through VOLTQUANT's machine learning-enabled platform.

80% of DNO Grid
Applications Fail

Energy projects face a 15-year wait to connect to the UK’s electricity grid.

Grid connection applications have quadrupled as Britain eyes net zero.

The current grid connection queue at transmission and distribution stands at over 600GW, more than three times the entire grid’s capacity.

National Grid Electricity Transmission is investing £9bn in its network from 2021 to 2026 to maintain, adapt and upgrade its infrastructure.

Real Estate &





Grid and land
sourcing platform

VOLTQUANT Insight platform aggregates data from dozens of data sources and displays it in a fresh format in one easily accessible location.

The Insight platform is designed to analyse plots of land for their ability to host energy-consuming or generating projects.

Experience a fully integrated grid connection process with our streamlined 1-2-3 step approach.


Machine learning platform for finding the optimum locations for your energy project.

The VOLTQUANT Prometheus machine learning model optimises the location of where any given project should be built using the latest data.

The analysis breakdown provides insights into risk scores and the likelihood of application success, enabling informed decision-making.

Delivering essential insights into top connected assets, our analysis includes key factors for a comprehensive understanding of the grid network.

Gain valuable perspectives on solar, EV infrastructure, wind, battery storage, real estate, and industrial sectors, enhancing your understanding of their grid connection needs.


Our comprehensive project
consultancy service

VOLTQUANT has in-house seasoned grid consultants to handle the entire scope of work necessary to secure grid connections.

We are now offering Grid Feasibility Studies, Grid Applications and Connection Offer Reviews.

Our comprehensive solution maximizes the chances of success, providing the highest probability of achieving your grid goals.

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Achieve grid connection success with our flexible search engine solution and expert consultancy services.

Simple pricing for any business

We offer both usage and user based pricing. So no matter how big your business, there's a solution for you.


Built with tools tailored for planners and architects

What’s included:

300 title lookups

Basic constraint layers

Ownership and sales data

150 MasterMap credits

Ask for Price

Built with tools tailored for planners and architects

What’s included:

Access to everything in standard

Strategic land tools: SHLAA, Settlement boundaries & more

Renewable tools: DNO

500 MasterMap credits


Platform designed for project developers looking to connect their project to the grid.

What’s included:

Infinite grid checks

Basic constraint layers

DNO data analysis

Planning application checks


Consult is the project consultancy service for obtaining grid connections.

What’s on offer:

Grid Feasibility Studies

Grid Applications

Connection Offer Reviews

Curtailment Assessments

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