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Empowering developers with data-driven insights for better grid connection and land decisions.

Insight Platform

Our solution seamlessly integrates grid connection, location planning and geographical data  into a single unified platform.

All 6 DNOs: Instant access to a comprehensive map of all 6 GB DNOs.

Accelerated project development: A streamlined workflow, data-driven insights, and risk mitigation tools help developers accelerate project development timelines and reduce time to market.

Streamlined workflow: One centralised platform integrates multiple functionalities,streamlining the workflow and eliminating the need for multiple disparate tools.

Find Grid Capacity

VOLTQUANT's innovative grid capacity finding feature empowers you to locate potential grid connections with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

Instant access to comprehensive grid capacity: Gain immediate access to a detailed map encompassing all 6 GB Distribution Network Operators (DNOs).

Identify under-used grid connections with ease: Our precise algorithms pinpoint locations with untapped capacity, opening up new possibilities for your project.

See a visual representation of network constraints: Our intuitive interface displays real-time data on network limitations, enabling informed decision-making.

Analyse Planning Data

VOLTQUANT's Planning Data Analysis feature is your go-to tool for making informed planning decisions and maximising the success of your project.

Predict potential challenges and opportunities: Anticipate potential roadblocks and seize emerging opportunities by understanding the dynamics of planning data.

Optimise your project's planning strategy: Make data-driven decisions to streamline your planning process, reduce costs, and maximise project success.

Gain a holistic understanding of your project's planning landscape: Our software seamlessly integrates and analyses planning data from various sources, providing a 360-degree view of your project's context.

Uncover Strategic
Location Insights

Unleash the Power of Location Intelligence with VOLTQUANT's Geographical Data Integration.

Access a vast repository of geospatial data tailored to energy projects: Our platform seamlessly integrates a wide range of geographical data sets, including maps, terrain information, and environmental data.

Identify optimal project locations with precision: Our sophisticated algorithms utilise geographical data to pinpoint optimal locations for your project, considering factors such as resource availability, grid connectivity, and environmental constraints.

Assess the impact of geographical factors on project feasibility: Gain valuable insights into the influence of terrain, land use, and environmental regulations on your project's viability.

Connect your project
to the grid

Embark on a transformative journey with VOLTQUANT and unlock unparalleled speed, efficiency, and informed decision-making through our unified grid connection, planning data, and location intelligence solutions.

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